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About Us

Why Salaam?

Who can resist to eat those Mouthwatering, Aromatic Meat gravies, biryanis Pulaav and kebabs.
Thinking to avoid the unpleasant process of obtaining the raw meat from the local vendors.
Let us make it easier for you!
We get you that Halaal, Fresh and Quality beef at your doorstep
A truly delightful experience of getting the most delicious and tender meat home delivered is just a click away!
The idea of serving quality meat arises with the rounds of unhappy experiences of buying low quality meat from local vendors.
The feeling of empathy for those foodie friends brought us into business who are always craving for delicious meat but buying disappointments instead of Fresh, Well cut & Quality meat.
We at Salaam stand for Quality, Trust and Commitment.
The product is an outcome of passion for serving meat what we eat at home.

Welcome to Salaam:

We at Salaam believe in serving the Halaal, Tender and Delicious meat to our customers. Hence all of our breeds are handpicked to ensure the highest grades of quality. We are very keen about the safety and the hygiene of the meat being served to you. Therefore it undergoes the several safety checks.
We at Salaam stand for Quality and Delivery commitment. So we follow
 'NO QUESTION ASKED' Return/ Refund policy.


Meat Quality

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Only Halal

We serve only Halal products. Which are Tender, Clean and Exact weight.

Easy Return

We follow ‘No question asked return/refund policy

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We have a quick human support over email, Phone and Whatsapp.

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Your data is secure with us. We never share any of your data with 3rd party.